Easy loans without collateral

More and more people want to borrow easily. The statistics tell us that in recent years the request for small loans has made some big steps forward.

But how to regulate in case you want to ask for a loan but you don’t have guarantees?

A loan without guarantees is not always very easy to obtain : in fact it is necessary to be able to assure the bank or the financial company that the entire amount borrowed, including interest, will be returned. But how to do it?

First of all you need to know that you can get a loan even without a real paycheck. Think of the case where you have a maintenance check or a rental fee for a property you have rented. It must be shown to the bank that every month you receive this amount of money without delay, which is enough to repay the installment and maybe you can get a loan without collateral.

As we have said, without a paycheck or a fixed income, receiving a loan without collateral is quite complicated. Generally the people who have this kind of problem are students, housewives, the unemployed, and so on.

The best solutions for easy loans without collateral

The best solutions for easy loans without collateral

An alternative to the pay slip can be the mortgage guarantee or the secured guarantee on a property that is immobile and mobile in order to obtain a loan, such as a house, boats, securities and so on. In reality, this is not a widespread case, today as today, and banks tend not to foreclose or make mortgages to guarantee a loan.

Personal guarantees can be a good enough alternative for those who do not have a pay slip. The guarantee of a person who has economic capacity and who guarantees together with the subject without guarantees is generally sufficient for the bank.

In case of difficulty in returning the capital, the bank will turn to the guarantor, who can then retaliate against the principal debtor by exercising the right to compensation.

In some cases, before granting a loan without guarantees, the banks require the signature of an insurance policy that can guarantee the bank in the event of insolvency: but even in these cases, the contract is subject to conditions and it is impossible for the loan to be granted only with insurance as a guarantee.

For young people and university students, it is possible to ask for a loan without guarantees such as the loan of honor, a loan (sometimes with a loan) for university students who have to pay for their doctoral studies or similar.

Everyone would like to have Easy Loans without guarantees and without pay. Obviously, however, the bank, in exchange for the granting of several thousand euros, requires guarantees in the customer to be sure that it will not be insolvent.

For this reason, although it is easier to ask for a loan today than it was a few years ago, the bank cannot be expected to accept a loan request without a guarantee. One of the most burning issues for those who want to get money is the possibility of having loans even if they are unemployed and without any guarantee.

Obviously, if you have a paycheck, or at least a fixed and secure monthly income such as a rent or maintenance allowance, the bank may also be satisfied. In all other cases, obtaining a loan without guarantees may not be so obvious.

In general, to be able to obtain a loan it is necessary to be an Italian citizen, with provable income, to have a current account.

A first solution that we can suggest is to ask for loans between proven online. This is a real market that exists above all online, which allows us to obtain a loan from other private parties, sometimes without guarantees. Always pay attention to the contract that you conclude: obviously the interest rate could be higher in this case than the loans disbursed by the bank.

Instead the loan of honor is generally granted by the European Union or by the State. It is not intended for private individuals, but for freelancers in the exercise of their work and for small and medium-sized enterprises. These are always targeted loans and can only be used for the purpose of financing one’s own economic activity, always according to the guidelines that are indicated from time to time in the announcement.

The fiduciary loan without guarantees consists of a loan that is mainly aimed at university students who want to go on to study after graduating with a master’s degree or a research doctorate. They are generally provided on the basis of specific income and merit indicators. This is a loan without guarantees but only for students.

A last resort for those who have no guarantees is the loan. This is a loan by means of bills of exchange that generally allows you to get up to 20 thousand euros. The duration varies depending on the plan, delivery takes place in a few days and with signature, without guarantors. It is generally not paid to bad payers.

Beware of scams and false promises

Given the particular moment we are going through, it is good to remember to pay close attention to scams and false promises that some self-proclaimed “financial consultants” (which obviously are not) propose on the web. To date, in fact, there are no easy solutions to access credit. As we have seen in this brief guide, there are several solutions available to those who do not have income guarantees but are not always applicable and require time anyway. Therefore we advise you to be wary of those who propose easy solutions, especially if anonymously on the web.