Small loans without collateral

Loans without guarantees consist of loans, usually a few thousand euros and therefore small amounts of money, which are suitable for people who do not have a job and therefore a demonstrable pay slip.

Today as today there are several alternatives that allow access to loans even without all the necessary guarantees, because many people need money but do not always have a regular or permanent job or do not have certain guarantees. There is therefore talk of loans without a pay slip to refer to the type of loans that are granted to those who do not have a fixed or demonstrable income available.

Loans without guarantees are therefore small amounts of money that are granted and people who do not have a pay slip that can show, as students, illegal workers, unemployed, housewives, and so on. In general, if the figure is really small, there may not even be a guarantor. But the banks that fear that their client may be insolvent are certainly not satisfied with granting a loan without any guarantee.

It is absolutely not correct to say that there are loans without guarantees.

It is absolutely not correct to say that there are loans without guarantees.

If you do not have a fixed income that can guarantee the bank the return of the money (for example an income, the entry of the rent, or the maintenance check). In the absence of these assumptions, it will be necessary to have additional guarantees such as a guarantor, a mortgage on immovable property, a pledge. In order to obtain a loan where there are no adequate guarantees, it is always possible to also use loan notes : bills of exchange, being credit instruments, allow the bank to directly obtain payment from the debtor in the event of default, without going through a judge. The loans issued and the salary assignment are also ideal for protested customers.

There are no other forms of loans without guarantees, or rather to be specific, there are absolutely no loans without guarantees, because the bank necessarily requires either the paycheck or the CUD or an accessory guarantee such as those we have seen.

For young people and for the unemployed who want to open a business, there are available grants that are provided directly by the European Union and that allow to obtain specific loans, and under certain conditions, without any obligation of refunds.

In all other cases, unsecured loans are not provided unless sufficient, fixed and stable income can be demonstrated.

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